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little zen soft baby carrier - safe and comfy

What's so awesome about soft structured carriers is that babywearing becomes so easy, comfortable and secure — of course, that's if you have one that's ergonomic and of good quality. The problem with most soft structured carriers though is that they're bulky and heavy.

Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier brings the safety and security that a soft structured carrier offers into a soft and lightweight carrier. Since Little Zen is designed by the same awesome creators as LILLEbaby that has a huge cult following in the babywearing world, our Soft Baby Carrier has all the SSC favorite features and essentials too!

Giving Your Little One More Than A Little Zen: 

  • Made with 100% Soft, Breathable & Light Natural Cotton  
  • Soft and Safe for Baby's Skin 
  • Cool and Breathable 
  • Extended Head and Neck Support  
  • Breathable & Protective Cotton Sleeping Hood  
  • Ergonomic M-shaped Seat 
  • Hip Healthy Shape 
  • 2-in-1 Seat Adjustments for Added Comfort: Narrow and Wide   

Giving You A Little Zen Too: 

  • Comfortable Waist Belt   
  • Soft Padded Straps  
  • Ergonomic Support for Wearer 
  • Storage Pocket for Essentials 
  • Long-Term Use for Babies to Toddlers from 7lbs to 33lbs 
  • Designed and crafted in the USA 

All these in an amazingly soft, breathable and lightweight carrier that's perfect for babywearing every day, even just at home.

little zen soft baby carrier - all the essentials you love


Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier is also versatile, with four easy wear positions.

  • Front inward-facing wear - the most common way to babywear with baby safe and snuggled up with you, making it easy for him to breastfeed, rest and sleep. This is the carrying position where you can maximize the extended neck support and protective sleeping hood for your little one's maximum comfort.
  • Front outward-facing wear - the carrying position when you want your little one to explore and see the world with you! Remember to use this position only when your baby is already big and strong enough, at least six months of age.
  • Side hip carry wear - holding your little one on your left or right side helps alleviate lower back pain for some babywearing parents, since your baby's weight is distributed around your waist and pelvic region which gives less pressure on your back and shoulders.
  • Back inward-facing wear - we like to call this the carrying position for outdoor adventurers, but you can definitely use this position when playing with your baby at home too. We recommend wearing your baby this way when she's already bigger and can fully control her back and neck, at least 6 months.

little zen soft baby carrier - 4-in-1 convertible carrier


Excited to enjoy some #ZenBabywearing daily? There's more! Find out the other half of why you'll love your very own Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier even more here.

We all deserve a #LittleZen. Shop for your very own Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier today.

little zen soft baby carrier - shop now