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little zen soft baby carrier - soft and light like a wrap

Top three things we love about wraps: they're so soft, so light, and so easy to store. But sometimes, they're not really the easiest to wear, and our babies outgrow wraps so fast. We decided to take the best parts of a wrap, combine them with the best parts of a carrier to create Little Zen - The Soft Baby Carrier! What makes Little Zen so soft and light compared to other baby carriers? The magic is in its material. Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier is made with 100% natural cotton, which means it is:

  • Soft - smooth and safe for baby's skin

  • Breathable - no need to worry about our babies (even us!) feeling hot

  • Lightweight - super helpful when your little one starts getting heavier

  • Easy to clean - using your carrier everyday means it gets dirty too, and you want one that won't be hard to wash and dry

  • Easy to store - quick to fold and keep

little zen soft baby carrier - soft, breathable, light with 100% natural cotton


Wearing your baby in a wrap also means he is perfectly snuggled into the comfort of mum or pop's warmth, and with the Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier's easily adjustable side straps, keeping your little one close will be so easy too.

Loving Little Zen so far? This is just the half of it! Discover more about why how our Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier also has all your SSC essentials covered here.

We all deserve a #LittleZen. Shop for your very own Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier today and say hello to #ZenBabywearing. 💙

little zen soft baby carrier - shop now